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tree art by Sam


About Sam K Buller, teacher turned artist...

Sam lives with her husband, daughter and Labradoodle in a cottage, in a wood. She lives in Cold Ash and after 20 years as a teacher decided to finally listen to the advice she has been giving to the children and is ‘being what she truly wishes to be’…….an artist.


Inspired by the ancient woodlands which surround her, her passion for nature and natural calm are reflected in her work. She believes in the amazing relaxation and meditate properties that woodland can evoke and a complete feeling of serenity. She hopes her paintings reflect a slice of this and enables all an opportunity to ‘pause and just breathe’.


Sam has painted in mixed media to provide texture and deep colour and has always tried to provoke  emotion in her paintings. Using oils, Acrylic and resins she continues to attempt to recreate the images and emotions standing in woodland creates, so these feelings can be transported into your own space through her paintings.


Images & Content © Sam Buller 2018

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